Install Kali Linux Tools On Ubuntu Linux and Linux Mint


Install Kali Linux Tools On Ubuntu Linux and Linux Mint - As you know, katoolin is a programming language created using the python language. This tool allows you to install packet tools found in Kali Linux.

Even though you are using ubuntu linux and linux mint, you can still install Kali linux tools in it. If you want to install katoolin tools on ubuntu linux and linux. Please follow the instructions below.

To first start installing git.
sudo apt-get install python git 

When finished, then install katoolin tools
git clone 

Next, copy the Katoolin binary to your path, for example /usr/bin/, as shown below.
sudo cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin 

Finally, give access to katoolin for easy use
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin 

Then open the katoolin tools with the following command
sudo katoolin 

The first option to do is add the Kali linux repository, please select (1) to get started. Then on the next menu select option (1), If so, please update. You can do this by selecting the option (2).

To go back to the previous menu, type back and press ENTER.

What do you want to do ?> back
1) Add Kali repositories & Update 
2) View Categories
3) Install classicmenu indicator
4) Install Kali menu
5) Help

kat > 
then select the second option to view the categories

kat > 2
**************************** All Categories *****************************
1) Information Gathering			8) Exploitation Tools
2) Vulnerability Analysis			9) Forensics Tools
3) Wireless Attacks				    10) Stress Testing
4) Web Applications				    11) Password Attacks
5) Sniffing & Spoofing		    12) Reverse Engineering
6) Maintaining Access				  13) Hardware Hacking
7) Reporting Tools 				    14) Extra
0) All
Select a category or press (0) to install all Kali linux tools . 
select the option you want to install, but if you want to install everything you can choose option 0. To go back to previous menu, type back, and to go back to main menu, type gohome.

To install Kali Menu, type 4 and type y to confirm the installation.

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